Little Happy Things

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the past couple of weeks haven’t been easy for the world. It seems as if every time you go on any social media platform or turn on the news, something horrible and heartbreaking has happened. If you’re like me, it can be hard to separate yourself from it. Which isn’t a bad thing, I never want myself or anyone to become used to this kind of violence because then it becomes normal. That being said, I also don’t want anyone to wallow in the constant negativity that we see on the news. It’s not good for anyones mental state. I wanted to share with you guys, little ways to step out of the world and hopefully find some peace, even if it’s only for a moment.

  • Read an old favorite

3eFh33eVtk4a5ajpTOA28TD6o1_400.jpgOne of my favorite things, as I’ve said before, is to read a favorite book. Sarah Dessen has been one of my favorite authors since I was thirteen years old and reading one of her books always makes me feel better. Those books have taught me lessons about myself and those around me.I haven’t read all of her books but my favorite novel of hers that I’ve read, well one of them, is just listen. There’s a quote from that book that I’ve been applying to, well at least trying to apply to my everyday life since I read it.Ā Don’t think or judge, just listen,from her novel, Just Listen, which is advice we should all take to heart. It’s a beautiful book and it never fails to make me feel better. The reason I’m writing read a book instead of watch a movie is because I don’t want to be tempted to watch the news. Make a cup of tea and just disconnect from the world for a bit.

  • Listen to your favorite musicĀ 

tumblr_myodkarmV61rjbhcro1_500.gifGrowing up music was a bit part of my life. I don’t have any musicians in my immediate family but my parents have always taught my siblings and I that music has a big affect on your mood. Sad music, makes you sad. You cannot help but be a little happier then you were five minutes ago listening to Justin Timberlakes new song. I’m not saying that it has to be his music or Beyonce or anything like that. I’m a huge fan of Bleachers and if I’m ever in a bad mood, I play I wanna get better and I feel a little better. Again, something that’s going to disconnect you from the constant influx of what seems to be never-ending bad news as of late.

  • Take a bath

chandler.jpgThe last thing I like to do on a bad day is take a bath because as Sylvia Plath once said, there must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them. A warm bath can cure anything. It relaxes your entire body and gives you time to daydream, something I’ve learned you have less time for as you get older. I love a good bath bomb or bubble bar. I usually get mine from Lush or I’ll try new ones from small business on Etsy. If that’s out of your budget or out of your comfort level go to Target or Walmart and buy bubble bath! I do that all the time as well! Bath tubs are the best place to relive stress and disconnect from the world.

I hope these things make you feel a little better, regardless of what you’re going through. Whether its global or personal, or maybe even a little bit of both. I hope it brings a few minutes of peace to your life.

Au Revoir!

Psss. I’m going to start a new series tomorrow! It’s going to be all about my favorite designers! I’ll give you a hint on who the first person is. They just had a show at Fall 2016 Couture week in Paris!

Summer Movie Favorites

Two weeks or so ago, I wrote about what books I’m reading this summer. I think it’s only fitting that I write about the films I love to watch during the summer. Now, if you don’t know, I’m an old hollywood film junkie. TCM is one of my favorite channels because they show all of their films without commercials. Plus, they have the schedule for every film they’re going to show for the entire month! So you can plan ahead if you want to watch a specific film. Over the past week TCM has shown some of my favorite films ever, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dark Passage and  Some Like it Hot.Each of those film star actresses that are icons, in my personal opinion and they all happen to star in one of the films I’m recommending you watch this summer!

The first film I recommend you watch this summer stars none other than the ethereal Audrey Hepburn. tumblr_o5wm69VkA31uaeac9o1_1280.jpgSabrina, the original not the remake, is one of, if not, my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie. Sabrina co-stars Humphrey Bogart and William Holden. Sabrina is about a chauffeurs daughter, Hepburn, who is in love with the bosses youngest son, Holden. I don’t want to write any more about the plot line because I’m afraid I’m going to give something away.Aside from the amazing cast and plot line, the film includes arguably one of the most beautiful dresses that Hepburn ever wore for a film. It was designed by Givenchy, of course, who was a close friend of the actress. The film is in black and white but I love black and white films. They aren’t common anymore but I think they give a little something to movies.

The second film is also in black and white, sorry but I’m telling you some of the best films you’ll ever see are in Black and white.
f208275ccda72ca16d021cda648a1899.jpgThe Misfits, stars none other then maybe of the most recognizable actress of her time, Ms. Marilyn Monroe. I’m a huge Monroe fan. I think I’ve seen all of her films, even the ones where her part isn’t that large. The Misfits, which was written by her then husband Arthur Miller, as a birthday present to the actress, was released in 1961. It stars Clark Gable, a.k.a. Rhett Butler and Montgomery Clift. Just watch this film. It’s my favorite Monroe film because its one of the few films where she isn’t cast as the dumb blonde. I will warn that the film has a much more somber aura then Sabrina, which is more of a romantic comedy with a twist I guess.

The last film is in color and it’s a happy one! How to Marry a Millionaire stars Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall, who passed around two years ago. I love Lauren Bacall films.How_to_marry_a_millionaire She plays the absolute best characters and although this isn’t my favorite Bacall movie, I wanted to choose a movie that was in Technicolor, for those of you who just can’t do the black and white thing. This is also one of the first classic films I ever saw and sparked my interest in Old Hollywood and I’m hopeing it will do the same for some of you. HTMAM, is about three women who move into an expensive apartment in NYC in order to marry millionaires. The film is funny and lighthearted. It’s a good way to end after the slight heavy film, the Misfits.

Those are my summer movie recommendations! I’d also look into Carmen Jones, which is on Netflix and stars Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte. It’s a musical and is one of the few films from that era with an all Black/African-American cast. I’d also give Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, which stars Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni a chance. The film is in Italian but comes with subtitles and is one of my all time favorite films. Both of those films are in color, so no need to worry!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer! I was going to post this last week but it was 110 degrees at like 7am, and I couldn’t think. It was horrible. Stay cool and have a good week!

Au Revoir!

Body Positivity

Sooo I haven’t posted anything in closet classics but for a very good reason. Although I’ve bought plenty of new clothing that I feel are classics, I’m currently addicted to shopping on Unique Vintage, I haven’t really felt comfortable posting pictures of myself in the clothing. Why? Because I’m a human and going through some body image issues right now. I just don’t feel comfortable posting full body pictures right now.

I’m not ill or anything like that. I’ve seen what happens first hand when bad body image begins to take over someones life, so I’m going to do something about it. I’ve started going to the gym and doing yoga.My goal isn’t necessarily to lose weight but to improve my relationship with how I view myself and how I view food. I’ve never been a thin person but I was always healthy until I went to college. We’ve all heard of the freshman fifteen but I gain a little more than that.

My parents become health fanatics when I was around thirteen and as I kid, I thought they were changing the way we were eating because I was fat. I kept thinking that way until around a year ago. Around that time I went to a nutritionist, not because I wanted to change my diet and relationship with my body but because I wanted to lose weight and the yo-yo dieting I’ve been doing since I was fourteen wasn’t working any more. The nutritionist, told me that I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I instantly thought she was crazy because I ate. I’ve never restricted my diet in a way that I felt was unhealthy.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized how right she was. I, like many people, associate food with being fat. I won’t eat for a while and then I’ll bing on junk food. Then I feel like crap for eating the junk food and eat more. It’s a vicious cycle, not only for my body but for my mental Ā health as well. I always thought I was doing so well because I was eating and I was keeping it down. Just because you eat doesn’t mean you have a good relationship with food. So this summer, because I’ll have more free time than anything. I’ve committed myself to eating better, changing the way I view food and my body. It’s not going to be easy and I’m not going to fix, over seven years of bad body image food relationships.

Until then, or until I’m in a better space, I will not be posting pictures of myself in closet classics. I just wanted to put this out there to explain where closet classics has gone and why I stopped doing it all of a sudden. I’m just not in the space where I feel comfortable doing that.

I hope you have a safe weekend!

Au Revoir!

Glossier Face Mask

Much like manyĀ self-proclaimed makeup addicts, I’m also addicted to skin care items. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to watch YouTube videos about makeup and skin care. I ran out of my origins facial about a week ago and it although it was amazing, I started looking for a new one. I just love trying new facials, so I did what I always do, I checked YouTube. If you don’t watch Rachel Whitehurst videos you are missing out, seriously, go watch her now, she’s freaking hilarious.I was watching her most recent hits and shits video on Monday and she started talking about this new skin care and makeup brand called Glossier. I’ve seen Glossier all over my Instagram and twitter recently and wanted to try it. She got all of their products, which I want to try eventually but I only bought the two face mask.

Oh my god, oh my god, they’re amazing. Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting them to be sooo good. IMG_3583.jpgI thought I would have a reaction to theĀ Mega Green Galaxy Mask, which is the detoxifying face mask, because I’m allergic to various super fruits but I wasn’t.Ā I don’t break out often but when I do it’s a nightmare. They’re always on the upper part of my cheek, in the area that you would put blush and highlighter. This mask got rid of them instantly. I have very sensitive skin and I suffer from eczema so I have to be, well I should be very careful about what goes on my face. I probably should have tested in on my hand and I recommend that anyone who has the same problems I do to be smarter than me and do that. I didn’t but it works like a dream. An honest to god dream. I like it much more than I do the origins one because it doesn’t dry my skin out like the origins one nor does it sting the way the origins one does.

The next mask is theĀ Moisturizing Moon Mask. IMG_3582As I said before, I have eczema and if you have eczema or other skin condition, you know that you need to moisturize. It’s crucial because if you don’t, well if I don’t, my skin gets very sensitive, then the eczema break outs come and then I get stressed and they get worse. It just becomes an entire thing and it’s frustrating. Which is why I bought this mask! It not only mositurizesĀ your face but it’s soothing. The mega green galaxy mask stings just a little, where the break outs are but this mask is like a cool burst of air. After I use this mask, I spray my face with rosewater and I wake up in the morning with amazing skin. It’s not oily or dry, it’s just perfectly moisturized, a word I’ve said like ten times but I’m serious. This mask is amazing.

I use both of them together, when I’m having breakouts. When I’m not, I usually just use the moon mask. You can use the mask any way you please, of course it’s your money and skin you know what’s best, but the Glossier site recommends you use them together. I’ve included a coupon code in this post. I’m not an affiliate or anything like that. It’s just a promo they do on the site, something they want customers to share with friends in order to spread the word about the brand. It’s 20% off of your first purchase. If you use it and buy both of the mask, the total comes out to around 35 or 36 dollars, including everything. It’s a good deal.

Tell me what face mask you love in the comments below! I’m always looking for new mask and I’m up to try any and everything!

Au Revoir!

If you can, please donate to the families of the victims in the Orlando MassacreĀ and to the family of Youtuber and singer, Christina Grimmie, who lost her life to gun violence this past weekend as well. If you were affected by any of this violence, please know that I’m sending love and prayers your way. I hope you have a safe week.

Summer Reading list

Sooo it’s summer and you most likely have more free time then you do before. I know most people, myself included, use this time to binge watch all of their favorite shows that they may have missed during the school year. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just finished season three of the Peaky Blinders and if you haven’t watched that show, I strongly recommend you do so, Tom Hardy is pure gold in this show. I think it’s fun and sometimes necessary to spend a couple of hours or however long you have to relax and just watch a show.

I believe that almost as much as I believe it’s important to invest some of the new-found free time into reading a book. Although I’m no longer a literature major, I’m still addicted to books in the best possible way. When you major in books, you end up reading quite a few books out of pure obligation at first but then because you fall in love with the novel, a practice I intend to keep. Every summer, I try to read at least three to four books. Which isn’t really a lot, in my personal opinion but it seems like an attainable goal for people regardless of the amount of responsibility they have during the summer.

This summer, all three of my books are very different but good reads none the less. The first novel on my list is very large because it is a collection.51QrL0O4M1L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ I’m currently reading The Portable Dorothy Parker and it is amazing. Dorothy Parker was apart of the historic Algonquin round Table, which consisted of actress, activist, producers and writers. This book includes everything from her short stories to poems to famous on liners. It’s a thick book but it’s completely worth it. It’ll make you laugh and cry but in a good way.

The second book on my list is by blogger Garance DorĆ©. She released a book titled Love, Style, Life.51o8wXzdZXL._SX375_BO1,204,203,200_ Besides the fact that there isn’t a page in the book that isn’t Instagram worthy, it’s a really good book about how she came to be where she is today and small tips on various topics including but not limited to, Love, style and life. The book includes small interviews with Diane von Furstenberg, Jenna Lyons and excerpts from Jeanne Damas, just to name a few. Garance DorĆ© is really, in my opinion, one of the first fashion bloggers ever, so I think this is an important book for any aspiring blogger, like myself, to read. Even if you don’t want to be a blogger, I would still read it. It’s really good.

The last book on my list isn’t a novel, well I really don’t know what to call it. Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations by Peter Evans. agThis is a book about Ava Gardner based on interviews that he had with her. If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE old Hollywood fan and love reading about their lives and who they were as people. I’ve also read both Lauren Bacall and Sophia Lorens books.There is no better to learn about someone then from their mouth!

Those are the three books I intend to finish before the summer is over. This list will most like get longer because I have a problem with ordering books. Honestly, it’s almost as bad as my problem with ordering makeup all the time. If there’s any books you’d recommend for me to read, insert it in the comments below!

Au Revoir!

Guess Whose back?

Back again? Lol, my little sisters friends was over and she’s really into Eminem, I mean like, really. Anyways, I’m back! Where have I been ? Finals, finals and oh wait, finals. It totally paid off because I got one of the best reports for school i’ve gotten since I came to school but I missed blogging! I’m so happy to be back!

I’m constantly going through these phase’s where I’m not sure if I want to continue doing this but writing means so much to me, I honestly can’t imagine not doing it. I don’t know what it is that makes me stop writing. Sometimes it’s school or other responsibilities but most of the time, it’s just me. I wonder if it’s just a part of growing up. Honestly, I’m always second guessing myself and trying to figure out if I’m making the right choices. I always come back to writing though. I can’t remember who said this but theres a quote and it goes something like, if you can’t leave something alone, it’s most likely meant to be. I’m almost positive it’s supposed to be about relationships but I’m going to use it towards my career choices!

I’m going to be adding a more personal aspect to the blog. I feel like it’s some of my stronger writing and some of it’s funny, or at least I think so. I hope everyone had a good semester, I was really tired after this semester, like exhausted. I got straight A’s though sooo I guess it paid off! I hope you have a lovely Wednesday and here’s to a fun summer!

Closet Classics: Sandals

Happy Saturday and welcome to another installment of Closet Classics! I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite things in the world to buy, shoes. I love shoe! I can’t even describe how much I love buying a new pair of shoes. I guess the best way to explain it is this. At one point during my teenage life, my mom banned me from buying more than one pair of shoes a month because I had nowhere to put my growing collection. I’m not as bad anymore because I can liveĀ vicariously through my older sister, who has an amazing shoe collection.

As we know it’s spring and spring means sandals. Lots and lots of sandals. I used to hate wearing sandals because I hate my feet. Then I realized that no one cares about my feet so I started wearing sandals and I’ve never looked back. As you know, I go to a school with a lot of stairs but I’m short so I still like to wear something with a little bit of a heel. Something that’s comfortable but still gives me some height.That’s why the chunky heel sandal, is a spring time staple for me.

The best thing about chunky heel sandals, is the versatility they offer. All of my chunky heels are around three to four inches.lets get some shoes I don’t want to go higher than that because I do spend a fair amount of time walking around and it’s just not comfortable to wear heels higher then that all the time.

My favorite pair of chunky heel sandals have to be this black pair that I recently purchased from one of my favorite stores, Dorothy Perkins online.I absolutely adore the Rocco mid sandal in black! shoesssI’ve been wearing a lot more color lately, because it’s spring and I’m trying to brighten up my closet. These shoes literally go with everything. The heel is only 2.5 inches, so it’s comfortable. They are suede, so my only wearing would be to be careful about puddles. It is spring and I know many of you live in places where it does rain. Water is a quick death for anything made out of suede.

shoesI wear mine with my a-line midi skirts, my dress, I even pair my nude-pinkish ones with leggings. They’re an easy way to make a causal outfits look you put a little more time and effort into them. If you’re looking for a pair of chunky heel sandals, my first place would be Nordstrom Rack because you can get really high quality shoes for a good price. The second place I’d look would be Nordstrom, you are going to pay a bit more money but I’ve never spent a lot of money on a shoe from there and regretted it. They’re always comfortable and they last forever. The last place I’d recommend looking would be DSW because like Nordstrom Rack, they have good shoes for a good price.

If you want more of a brand based chunky based shoe, I would go look in Aldo. I love Aldo shoes.They’re beyond comfortable and they look amazing. I would honestly look at Aldo to buy any shoe you’re looking for, not just chunky heel sandals. They can be a little pricey but it’s worth it. Plus you can always wait and shop sales!

That is it for this addition of Closet Classics, spring shoe addition! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend, if you celebrate Easter, if not I hope you enjoy your weekend! If you have any places you think I should look for sandals, leave the name in the comments below! I’m always looking for new shoes, always. You can never have too many shoes, no matter what anyone may tell you.

Au Revoir!


Inspiration: Elizabeth Taylor

Originally I was going write about Charlotte Olympia but when I realized today was the fifth anniversary of Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s passing, I knew I had to write about her. Elizabeth Taylor is an iconic actress best known for her violet eyes, collection of jewels and well documented love life. While I admire her for all of those things,Elizabeth Taylor is an inspiration to me because of her strength and her activism.

Elizabeth Taylor is undeniably one of the greatest actress that has ever lived and I’m not just saying that because it’s something that people say. If you haven’t seen any of her films I recommend that you start with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Not only does this film include one of the greatest actors to ever live, Paul Newman, it also has some of the greatest insults I’ve ever heard in an Old Hollywood film. I also recommendĀ The Last Time I saw Paris, which will make you cry. Butterfield 8,although she didn’t care for it. The V.I.P.s, which includes Richard Burton her fifth and sixth husband and half of one of the greatest love affair of all time. These are just four of the fifty movies Elizabeth Taylor made in her film career that started in 1942 and ended in 2001.

She’s regarded as one of the prettiest women to ever live. She had raven black hair, violet eyes and a birth defect that gave her an extra row of eyelashes. As pretty as she was physically, she was even prettier as a person. Elizabeth Taylor was the kind of friend I aspire to be. After one of her friends got into a car accident after a party at her house, actor Montgomery Clift, she ran down, helped him out of the car and kept all of the paparazzi away from him. Her dedication for her friends didn’t stop their.

Rock Hudson,another actor and long time friend of Elizabeth Taylors, died in 1985 from AID complications, she again, acted swiftly. She created her foundation The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS foundation and the National AIDS Research Foundation, which continues on today.It is even said that she played a pivotal part in President Reagan to acknowledge the HIV and AIDs problem in the United States. She even helped pass a bill into congress to help people with HIV and AIDs.

These are just a few examples of the work she’s done for other people. I haven’t even began to talk about all of the hard things she’s gone through. Breaking her back as a teen while filming National Velvet. Her husband and the love of her life, Mike Todd, dying in a plane crash after only eighteen months of marriage. Almost dying from pneumonia before filming Cleopatra. Her public fight with prescription drug and alcohol abuse. She went through all of these things and after each set back, she came back swinging. She had a strength I aspire to have as I go through the rest of my life.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was a beautiful, talented actresses who cared deeply for everyone and everything. She helped all she could while fighting her own battles. That’s why she’s an inspiration to me, as she is too many people. I can only hope to have the same strength and lust for life and love regardless of what happens throughout my life.I’ll end this with a quote from her that often gets me through any bad situation.

Ā You just do it. You force yourself to get up. You force yourself to put one foot before the other, and God damn it, you refuse to let it get to you. You fight. You cry. You curse. Then you go about the business of living. Thatā€™s how Iā€™ve done it. Thereā€™s no other way.- Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Rest in Peace Dame Elizabeth Taylor.Ā The world is a better place because of you.

Au Revoir!

Pssss. You can watch The Last Time I Saw Paris if you have Amazon Prime! If you’re on Spring Break, I hope you’re having a good week and if you’re in the middle of finals, good luck!


Happy Spring!!!

It’s Spring! I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks forwards last week and if you have allergiesĀ like I do, stock up on the Allegra-D, hand sanitizer and pocket tissue packets. I didn’t post anything last week because it was mid-terms and I was swamped. Which was unbelievable/confusing because I felt super prepared and then Monday came and I went into full mid-term meltdown mode. Honestly, students feel my pain. Its like no matter how prepared you are for mid-terms or finals before they happen, while they happen, it’s like theĀ apocalypse is happening. Then they’re done and you’re like,yeah, that went okay. It might just be me honestly but yeah, that’s where I was last week.

Moving on,Ā yesterday was the first day of spring!!!Ā Although I have crazy bad allergies and spring can be difficult, if I don’t take allergy medicine, and especially rough on my eye makeup. I love this time of year because it’s when all of the pastels,florals and bright colors show up in the stores! Which means my closet is about to be bombarded by pinks and floral prints.Ā 

This week I’m going to posting another installation in Closet Classics, spring themed because why not. I’m also going to be posting another section for my inspiration series, this brand just released a makeup collection with Mac, which I got one or two pieces from.

If you’re taking your mid-terms, good luck and if you’re on Spring Break like I am, have fun but be safe. Uber and Lyft exist for a reason,please use it.

Au Revoir!

Pssss. I created a Spring Forward playlist on Spotify. Just a couple of songs, new and old that put me in a good mood. Should I do a lipstick collection post? I’m not a beauty guru and only know what I know about makeup from Youtube, friends and my sister but I have quite a bit of lipstick, a few that are from limited collections too. I don’t know. Tell me if you think it’s a good idea in the comments

Closet Classics: A-Line Skirts

First things first, Happy Friday and welcome to Closet Classics! I’m so excited to be starting this series on my blog.It’s going to be all about my closet classics! Pieces that never go out of style and can be worn in a variety of different ways on different occasions!

The first piece in my closet classics, is an A-line Skirt.I have about four A-line skirts but this fuchsia pleated one I recently purchased has to be my favorite!4-up on 3-11-16 at 10_Fotor.jpg I love it because it’s bright and playful. My personal style could be described as modern classic, which is why A-Line skirts work perfectly for me but they fit into other styles as well.

I wear my skirts everywhereĀ because it’s very easy to dress them up or down with a few simple switches. I’m a full time student, so when I go to school I want to look nice but I want to be comfortable as well. If I’m wearing my skirt to school or any other casual setting, I’ll dress it down.

I accomplish this look by pairing my skirts with a solid colored shirt, tucked in at the waist. My favorite casual look with an a-line skirt is a button up denim shirt or a solid scoop neck tee.For shoes, I recommend a pair of flats or sandals, leopard or any other wild print flats are a great way to make a statement while still being comfortableĀ and cute. Plus leopard is essentially a neutral and can be worn with almost everything.

If I want to dress it up, I switch to a lace blouse, a collard shirt or a shirt with a print on it, again tucked in at the waist. Leopard and Polka dots are my go to. Instead of wearing flats, I’ll put on a pair of heels and put on some jewelry. A statement necklace, stacked bracelets orĀ a pair of statement studs are easy ways to add more dimension to your outfit as well.My only rule about accessorizingĀ comes from CoCo Chanel,when accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on. You don’t want your jewelry overpowering you. You want to wear the outfit, you don’t want the outfit to wear you.

If you have more of a laid back style, I’d wear a screen tee instead of a button up, or even a crop top and a pair of sneakers for a casual look. If you want to dress it up, I’d keep the screen tee on and maybe add a bikers jacket. For shoes I’d go with a pair of booties or a chunky heel, because they’re usually fairly comfortable but still have the ability to up an outfit. For accessorize I would go with thin layered necklaces, statement rings or aĀ wide brim floppy hat.

I hope you enjoyed todays post! If you wear A-line skirts, tell me how you style yours in the comments below! I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Au revoir!

Pssss. If you live in California, wasn’t the rain insane on Monday!? It’s good because we need rain, saying California is in a drought would be putting it lightly but oh my god, it was crazy! It was the first time in my life rain and hail have ever woken me up. Sorry about that if you don’t live in California but honestly, rain is a rarity and Monday was crazy.