The year of glossy lips

If you’ve been following me for a while or if you know me in real life, you know, I wore red matte lipstick every day. My sister bought me NARS red lizard for my sixteenth birthday and I was addicted. Recently, I’ve been leaning towards glossy lips and it’s been throwing some of my friends off. Someone even asked me if I was doing okay because it’s been a while since they’d seen me in red lipstick, or lipstick at all. Outside of the fact that I have braces which seem to suck all of the moister out of my lips, making matte lipstick less than ideal for day-to-day wear. I could cope with that, I’ve simply grown away from lipstick. I’m just over crusty matte lips. I’m over liquid lipsticks. I’ve just over it all. Mark my words, This year will be the year of glossy lips. At least it will for me.

Every single lip product I’ve bought, with the exception of Selena’s lipsticks from the Mac Selena collection and a Tom Ford Lipstick, in the past six months have been lip glosses. Everything from NYX to  Dior. I’ve just fallen in love with a good gloss but by far my favorite lip gloss, is the one by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s the best-pigmentated lip gloss unnamed-1I’ve ever owned. It has this wonderful vanilla smell, that’s strong enough to where you can smell it but not so strong that you can taste it in your mouth or so that it makes you nausea, which is a problem I’ve run into with other scented lip glosses. The color doesn’t bleed. It’s long-lasting but it’s not thick or sticky, so it’s not going to do that thing where you pull your lips apart and there’s like strings of gloss in-between your lips. These are my top four favorite ABH lip glosses.

Fudge, Vamp, Black Cherry and Potion (top to bottom) are my favorite lip gloss shades from the ABH collection. unnamed-2I know it’s spring and everyone is about bright, soft colors. I get that, I just LOVE a good dark lip. The beautiful thing about these glosses is that they give you that shiny lips but they don’t give you butt lips. If a gloss is too glossy, pigmented, your lips can look like a butt, sorry but it really can and it’s gross. These glosses have the perfect shine. They last forever but they don’t stain when you wipe them off, which is another problem I’ve found with super pigmented glosses. It’s just the perfect amount of shine, color, and gloss.

I get all of my ABH glosses at Sephora but I know they sell them at Ulta as well. They’re only 16 dollars, which isn’t expensive at all, Dior lip glosses are 30 dollars, and though they are amazing, I prefer the ABH ones. The glosses come in three finishes, high Gloss, which is the finish of all four of the shades I mentioned, as well as metallic and shimmer. I still want to try glosses from different brands so I can have a wider collection! Leave any recommendations in the comments below.

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The podcast you should be listening to

When I was a kid, my dad used to play talk radio shows in the car and it would legitimately make me sick. I couldn’t stand listening to  people talk or bicker, the sports ones were the worst. Now,I listen to podcast in my car all the time. I’ve recently taken on this aversion to wasting time.It drives me insane to just sit around and do nothing, which is odd because I feel like I’ve spent most of college doing nothing but I digress. Podcast have become a part of my life in a way I’ve never imagined. I literally listen to them all the time and honestly, it’s just an espresso shot of inspiration when you need it.

I don’t really look on iTunes for a certain type of podcast, I just kind of listen to Podcast that are run by women or websites that I’m interested in. My all time favorite podcast, which I  highly recommend you tune into is run by a woman entrepreneur. #GirlBoss Radio, which is ran by NastyGal fonder and author Sophia Amoruso is motivational and  really helps me when I start to get too much in my head.

I think that in an effort to show that anyone can do anything partnered with the accessibility of social media, we’ve created an idea that we have to a certain place by a certain time, our mid-twenties. It’s not healthy and it’s been the main source of my worries ever since I was sixteen years old. The beautiful thing about this podcast, is that it kind of dispels the idea that success is an over night thing. Each of the women interviewed on the podcast has a different story to success and it’s just calming to be reminded that there is no one path to success, nor is there one definition of success.

600x600bb #GirlBoss Radio, which I’m listening to right now, is solely about successful women and how they got to where they are. It’s amazing. I love hearing how other people got to where they are and why they ended up where they were. It’s ran by Sophia Amoruso, founder of NastyGal and all around inspiration. It’s just really interesting to hear these women, some who I’ve never heard of but others that I haven’t, and their life story. The most important lesson I’ve learned from listening to this podcast, is that even when you get to where you want to be in life, there are still ups and downs.

Though Sophia Amoruso, is most widely known as the founder of the fashion website NastyGal and for her book GirlBoss, the podcast includes women from all professions. Including Jessica Williams, who was on the Daily Show, Suzy Baitz, who founded Poo~Pourri, which is something you should keep in your bathroom and Charlize Theron, who is just a living goddess. Honestly, you have to listen to this podcast, it’s amazing and is really the perfect thing if you’re feeling uninspired.

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Outside the Comfort Zone

I, like I pray most people do, have a fail proof, it’s that time of the month proof, I shouldn’t have gotten desert proof, outfit. An A-Line Skirt with a body suit and normally a pair of heels. It’s easy to dress up or down, works for any season and does wonders for my silhouette. I can, and did, wear variations of this outfit for the past two years. Recently, I’ve been buying clothes that don’t necessarily fit in the 1950’s aesthetic I’ve acquired over the years. I’m just kind of outgrowing it, which I was trying to fight for the longest time but I’ve come to accept it. Everything evolves over time. I’m not the same person I was when I was sixteen, so why should my wardrobe?

You’re style will evolve over time. I’m never going to be a t-shirt and jeans girl. I’m just not but I’ve recently added pieces that I wouldn’t have even glanced at in the past years. Things I wouldn’t have necessarily been comfortable wearing because of one insecurity or another. I’m pushing myself out of my style comfort zone and I’m not regretting it. I recently bought a romper, from Forever21. Aside from the fear I had of my girls being all over hate place, I hate wearing shorts. Long story short, I had a bad experience once because of a pair of shorts when I was like sixteen and I haven’t worn them since.

Yet, this black romper with red flowers was literally screaming at me through the computer screen so I had to buy it. When it came in the mail, I literally did not open it because I was kind of nervous, like the romper was going to come out of the plastic baggy and eat me. I eventually did and Oh my, I’ve fallen completely in love it and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It’s so comfortable and it looks so cute. I honestly can’t believe I didn’t buy one sooner.

I’m not giving up my a-line skirts and I’m NOT giving up body suits. I hate shirt lines, so intensely, it’s not even funny BUT I will be stepping out of the norm of whats in my closet. The beautiful thing about personal style is that is always evolving. It’s can be kind of stressful, especially if you’re into aesthetics like I am, but it’s nice to have some variety in your day to day wardrobe. Buy or in the very least, try on the skirt with the weird print. You’ll have somewhere to wear it, I promise. You might surprise yourself and like it.

Au Revoir💋

Favorite Beauty Bloggers


I love, love, love Beauty Bloggers! I love them almost as much as I love fashion/ style bloggers because I love doing my makeup and taking care of my skin. I spend a fair amount of my time on YouTube watching Beauty tutorial and reviews and I spend more then a fair amount of money of beauty products. I know that there are a lot of beauty bloggers out there but I just wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite YouTbers to watch.

maxresdefault.jpgI know you’ve all probably heard of her but I LOVE Jaclyn Hill! I hadn’t heard about her until maybe a little bit over a year ago, shout out to Allison for showing me her videos. I’ve been watching her videos almost religiously since and I can’t believe I hadn’t seen her videos before.She’s amazing and although I’m not the same skin tone as her, I’ve learned so many things watching her channel! I’ve learned so many techniques,makeup and beauty tricks. She’s the first person I ever heard talk about Morphe and I haven’t turned back since. Besides being a makeup goddess, Jaclyn Hill is just a really good person. I follow her on Snapchat and she’s just a genuinely amazing person. She’s one of the first YouTubers I’ve seen, not that others haven’t done it before, that shut down their comments section because of the way their followers were treating each other. She just really wants everyone to do well and be happy with themselves. Plus she’s freaking hilarious and that never hurts.

maxresdefault-1.jpgMy second favorite YouTuber is Jackie Aina aka Jackie O, who is a must follow on Snapchat by the way. I’m not joking, I rarely use Snapchat but I’ve been on the app multiple times just to watch her because she’s so funny. When she’s not being funny on Snapchat, she’s giving real life lessons that always seem to come right when you need them. Jackie Aina is closer to my skin tone and gives a lot of beauty hacks on how to use products properly. Check out her color correcting do’s and don’ts video, it will save lives and money, I promise. Jackie Aina is a must follow for people who have darker skin tones because she really is a way to help find out what type of foundation you should be wearing as well as what your undertones are. After watching her videos, I found the right setting powder, blush, bronzer and foundation for my budget, which ranges depending on what time of the month it is.

13735876_1053299858090725_259467564_nLast but definitely not least is Thomas Halbert, who is probably my favorite person to follow on Twitter and Instagram. He does a lot of tutorials on Snapchat and is definitely more active on Instagram then YouTube.Thomas Halbert turns makeup into art, his diamond boy look killed me. I could never do the things he does with makeup. He truly has a gift. Jackie Aina and Jaclyn Hill are extremely talented as well but they do more everyday wearable makeup, which I love too! I know some people feel a certain type of way about boys who wear makeup but I don’t care. I admire anyone who wears makeup because I know how much time and effort it takes to do it. I mean honestly, look at that, that’s pure art work. If a boy wearing makeup makes you uncomfortable, just remember that all your favorite male actors wear makeup in every T.V. and film appearance you’ve seen then in. Then I invite you to move on to the more important issues in the world.

Thank you for learning about my favorite makeup bloggers! Share your favorite bloggers in the comments below! I’ll be sure to check them out because I’m always looking for new YouTubers to follow because at this point, I’m pretty sure I watch YouTube more than I do TV.

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I was listening to Spotify while I wrote this and I wanted to share some of my current favorite songs! Some of them are new, a few are oldies but goodies. Give it a listen!

Summer Movie Favorites

Two weeks or so ago, I wrote about what books I’m reading this summer. I think it’s only fitting that I write about the films I love to watch during the summer. Now, if you don’t know, I’m an old hollywood film junkie. TCM is one of my favorite channels because they show all of their films without commercials. Plus, they have the schedule for every film they’re going to show for the entire month! So you can plan ahead if you want to watch a specific film. Over the past week TCM has shown some of my favorite films ever, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dark Passage and  Some Like it Hot.Each of those film star actresses that are icons, in my personal opinion and they all happen to star in one of the films I’m recommending you watch this summer!

The first film I recommend you watch this summer stars none other than the ethereal Audrey Hepburn. tumblr_o5wm69VkA31uaeac9o1_1280.jpgSabrina, the original not the remake, is one of, if not, my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie. Sabrina co-stars Humphrey Bogart and William Holden. Sabrina is about a chauffeurs daughter, Hepburn, who is in love with the bosses youngest son, Holden. I don’t want to write any more about the plot line because I’m afraid I’m going to give something away.Aside from the amazing cast and plot line, the film includes arguably one of the most beautiful dresses that Hepburn ever wore for a film. It was designed by Givenchy, of course, who was a close friend of the actress. The film is in black and white but I love black and white films. They aren’t common anymore but I think they give a little something to movies.

The second film is also in black and white, sorry but I’m telling you some of the best films you’ll ever see are in Black and white.
f208275ccda72ca16d021cda648a1899.jpgThe Misfits, stars none other then maybe of the most recognizable actress of her time, Ms. Marilyn Monroe. I’m a huge Monroe fan. I think I’ve seen all of her films, even the ones where her part isn’t that large. The Misfits, which was written by her then husband Arthur Miller, as a birthday present to the actress, was released in 1961. It stars Clark Gable, a.k.a. Rhett Butler and Montgomery Clift. Just watch this film. It’s my favorite Monroe film because its one of the few films where she isn’t cast as the dumb blonde. I will warn that the film has a much more somber aura then Sabrina, which is more of a romantic comedy with a twist I guess.

The last film is in color and it’s a happy one! How to Marry a Millionaire stars Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall, who passed around two years ago. I love Lauren Bacall films.How_to_marry_a_millionaire She plays the absolute best characters and although this isn’t my favorite Bacall movie, I wanted to choose a movie that was in Technicolor, for those of you who just can’t do the black and white thing. This is also one of the first classic films I ever saw and sparked my interest in Old Hollywood and I’m hopeing it will do the same for some of you. HTMAM, is about three women who move into an expensive apartment in NYC in order to marry millionaires. The film is funny and lighthearted. It’s a good way to end after the slight heavy film, the Misfits.

Those are my summer movie recommendations! I’d also look into Carmen Jones, which is on Netflix and stars Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte. It’s a musical and is one of the few films from that era with an all Black/African-American cast. I’d also give Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, which stars Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni a chance. The film is in Italian but comes with subtitles and is one of my all time favorite films. Both of those films are in color, so no need to worry!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer! I was going to post this last week but it was 110 degrees at like 7am, and I couldn’t think. It was horrible. Stay cool and have a good week!

Au Revoir!

Glossier Face Mask

Much like many self-proclaimed makeup addicts, I’m also addicted to skin care items. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to watch YouTube videos about makeup and skin care. I ran out of my origins facial about a week ago and it although it was amazing, I started looking for a new one. I just love trying new facials, so I did what I always do, I checked YouTube. If you don’t watch Rachel Whitehurst videos you are missing out, seriously, go watch her now, she’s freaking hilarious.I was watching her most recent hits and shits video on Monday and she started talking about this new skin care and makeup brand called Glossier. I’ve seen Glossier all over my Instagram and twitter recently and wanted to try it. She got all of their products, which I want to try eventually but I only bought the two face mask.

Oh my god, oh my god, they’re amazing. Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting them to be sooo good. IMG_3583.jpgI thought I would have a reaction to the Mega Green Galaxy Mask, which is the detoxifying face mask, because I’m allergic to various super fruits but I wasn’t. I don’t break out often but when I do it’s a nightmare. They’re always on the upper part of my cheek, in the area that you would put blush and highlighter. This mask got rid of them instantly. I have very sensitive skin and I suffer from eczema so I have to be, well I should be very careful about what goes on my face. I probably should have tested in on my hand and I recommend that anyone who has the same problems I do to be smarter than me and do that. I didn’t but it works like a dream. An honest to god dream. I like it much more than I do the origins one because it doesn’t dry my skin out like the origins one nor does it sting the way the origins one does.

The next mask is the Moisturizing Moon Mask. IMG_3582As I said before, I have eczema and if you have eczema or other skin condition, you know that you need to moisturize. It’s crucial because if you don’t, well if I don’t, my skin gets very sensitive, then the eczema break outs come and then I get stressed and they get worse. It just becomes an entire thing and it’s frustrating. Which is why I bought this mask! It not only mositurizes your face but it’s soothing. The mega green galaxy mask stings just a little, where the break outs are but this mask is like a cool burst of air. After I use this mask, I spray my face with rosewater and I wake up in the morning with amazing skin. It’s not oily or dry, it’s just perfectly moisturized, a word I’ve said like ten times but I’m serious. This mask is amazing.

I use both of them together, when I’m having breakouts. When I’m not, I usually just use the moon mask. You can use the mask any way you please, of course it’s your money and skin you know what’s best, but the Glossier site recommends you use them together. I’ve included a coupon code in this post. I’m not an affiliate or anything like that. It’s just a promo they do on the site, something they want customers to share with friends in order to spread the word about the brand. It’s 20% off of your first purchase. If you use it and buy both of the mask, the total comes out to around 35 or 36 dollars, including everything. It’s a good deal.

Tell me what face mask you love in the comments below! I’m always looking for new mask and I’m up to try any and everything!

Au Revoir!

If you can, please donate to the families of the victims in the Orlando Massacre and to the family of Youtuber and singer, Christina Grimmie, who lost her life to gun violence this past weekend as well. If you were affected by any of this violence, please know that I’m sending love and prayers your way. I hope you have a safe week.

Addiction: HauteLook

I’m addicted to Hautelook and I’m not ashamed at all. For those of you who don’t know what Hautelook is, it’s a deal website owned by Nordstrom. Every day, Hautelook puts up select products from high end brands for at least 50% off. They have a Women’s, Mens, Children’s, Home and my personal favorite section, Beauty. I’m a shoe and make-up junkie. They are my favorite things in the world to buy so when I find a site that can give me high quality items for a bank account friendly price, I jump on it.

Hautelook is a members only site, so in order to order something from them, you do have to create an account but it is free. Everyday, the offer a new deal on a new brand. This week, I’m most excited to see what they have for the Ted Baker event,it goes live Tuesday at 8am pacific time. I absolutely adore his brand but it can be very pricey and I’m in college. Each event has it’s own start time and an expiration date. You can only keep an item in your cart for fifteen minutes before your hold on it expires. The items you’ve purchased will be received, two to three weeks after the event ends.

The only complaints I would have about Hautelook would be how long it takes you to get your products but I can’t really complain because it is such a good deal! Honestly! I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of money I’ve saved since signing up for Hautelook. I have very sensitive skin and I’m always walking somewhere so good shoes and high quality, high quality doesn’t always mean expensive, make up are essential for me.

The reason I love shopping on Hautelook is because it offers such high quality items for college friendly prices. As a college student, I can’t always afford nicer things. It’s just not in the budget. Hautelook is the best of both worlds. I’ve only bought beauty items from Hautelook, Morphe Brushes that I absolutely love, and an eyeshadow palette, also from Morphe. I do plan on buying more then from Hautelook and I hope you do too! Whether it be clothing, shoes, home decor or makeup.

Au Revoir!