Boho goes Couture

If you saw my last blog post about Elie Saab, you already know that I am obsessed with feminine style clothing. Why? Don’t know, I just love it and wish I could wear it all the time, or at all, considering I’m a twenty year old college student. Honestly, I’d just like to walk through the atelier and see the seamstress work their magic. Seeing as I cannot do that for various reason, the big one being I don’t think you’re allowed to do that if you don’t work for a brand, I just watch their shows, over and over again when couture season comes along and day dream.

Most recently, there was the Fall 2016 couture week in Paris and I’ve been looking at the photos from Vogues website ever since. In particularly Zuhair Murads line. I am not a bohemian style girl. I appreciate and love people who take that style and make it their own, I’m just not one of them. I’m more golden age hollywood then Woodstock. That being said, I died when I was his collection. I died, came back to life and died again because it’s so beautiful, I stopped breathing.

I became interested in Zuhair Murad when I saw Jennifer Lopez, ageless goddess, in one of his white pieces a while back and I realized that I had been loving his designs for YEARS and never knew who he was. Do his designs remind you of anyone? _MUR0009.jpg*cough, cough Elie Saab. They have similar designs in that they both have impeccable detailing! Which I am a sucker for in anything. I will say that for me at least, the real difference between Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab is the feel I get when I see their clothing. Elie Saab reminds me of living breathing princess clothing, while Zuhair Murads designs have more power behind them. Not that the two can’t be synonymous, it’s just a different feeling, design wise.

_MUR0179 This is one of my favorite looks from the show. I love the blood red, burgundy fabric.A color, I myself tend to lean towards during the fall but the thing I love the most is the sleeves. I know that seems weird but I’ve noticed if a dress has a lot of detailing, sometimes it won’t be continued with the sleeves or if it is, it doesn’t seem to blend or it’s a little simpler. I love the fact that the detailing continues along with the sleeves, not taking away from the beauty of the rest of the dress but adding to it.

I hope this encourages you to look at designers that may not be as well-known despite having achieved massive success. I hope you have a lovely Monday!

Au Revoir!

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