The Fairy Tale World of Elie Saab

If you could build a dream closet, filled with any designers you want, who would you pick? Elie Saab would have to be one of, if not my first choice. I first came across Elie Saab around two years ago and I’m not joking when I say, it was love at first sight. I’m almost at the point now where I can spot an Elie Saab creation, just by the way it looks because all of Elie Saabs clothing look like something out of a Disney movie. KIM_0715.jpg

You cannot tell me this look doesn’t remind you of the Queen of Hearts, if she was a mogul living on fifth avenue?! This dress is from his latest collection, which was shown at last weeks Fall 2016 Couture week in Paris. I loved this collection and this dress was hands down my favorite piece from the collection. It’s a lot darker than the looks Elie Saab normal does but it’s still has that trademark intricate detailing.

My favorite thing about Elie Saab’s designs is that they’re always feminine, which is why they have a princess like nature to them. This collections inspiration was New York City, which isn’t what comes to mind when one thinks of femininity. New York is a gritty city, known for Wall-street, the fashion industry and the constant hustle and bustle. He takes the core of New York and makes it dreamlike. KIM_0138.jpg

This dress looks like a walking piece of architecture, an idea that usually produces clean lines or more masculine clothing. Elie Saab took this theme and made a dress that looks like a dream. Although the print resembles the empire state building, it stills moves and sits on the body like a gown. It’s not boxy but instead omits an aura of elegance and glamour, while still properly representing the theme.

I would love to just have a closet full of these dresses. Granted, I don’t have anywhere to wear them but I would love to just walk around my house with them on.There’s no way anyone could slip into any of his creations and not feel glamorous.

I hope this encourages you to look into Elie Saab and the rest of his designs! I got all of these photos from Vogue! If you select Runway and then Fall Couture 2016, you can find his latest show as well as all of the shows from the latest runway show! Tell me who you’d have in your dream closet below!

Au Revoir!


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