Summer Reading list

Sooo it’s summer and you most likely have more free time then you do before. I know most people, myself included, use this time to binge watch all of their favorite shows that they may have missed during the school year. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just finished season three of the Peaky Blinders and if you haven’t watched that show, I strongly recommend you do so, Tom Hardy is pure gold in this show. I think it’s fun and sometimes necessary to spend a couple of hours or however long you have to relax and just watch a show.

I believe that almost as much as I believe it’s important to invest some of the new-found free time into reading a book. Although I’m no longer a literature major, I’m still addicted to books in the best possible way. When you major in books, you end up reading quite a few books out of pure obligation at first but then because you fall in love with the novel, a practice I intend to keep. Every summer, I try to read at least three to four books. Which isn’t really a lot, in my personal opinion but it seems like an attainable goal for people regardless of the amount of responsibility they have during the summer.

This summer, all three of my books are very different but good reads none the less. The first novel on my list is very large because it is a collection.51QrL0O4M1L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ I’m currently reading The Portable Dorothy Parker and it is amazing. Dorothy Parker was apart of the historic Algonquin round Table, which consisted of actress, activist, producers and writers. This book includes everything from her short stories to poems to famous on liners. It’s a thick book but it’s completely worth it. It’ll make you laugh and cry but in a good way.

The second book on my list is by blogger Garance Doré. She released a book titled Love, Style, Life.51o8wXzdZXL._SX375_BO1,204,203,200_ Besides the fact that there isn’t a page in the book that isn’t Instagram worthy, it’s a really good book about how she came to be where she is today and small tips on various topics including but not limited to, Love, style and life. The book includes small interviews with Diane von Furstenberg, Jenna Lyons and excerpts from Jeanne Damas, just to name a few. Garance Doré is really, in my opinion, one of the first fashion bloggers ever, so I think this is an important book for any aspiring blogger, like myself, to read. Even if you don’t want to be a blogger, I would still read it. It’s really good.

The last book on my list isn’t a novel, well I really don’t know what to call it. Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations by Peter Evans. agThis is a book about Ava Gardner based on interviews that he had with her. If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE old Hollywood fan and love reading about their lives and who they were as people. I’ve also read both Lauren Bacall and Sophia Lorens books.There is no better to learn about someone then from their mouth!

Those are the three books I intend to finish before the summer is over. This list will most like get longer because I have a problem with ordering books. Honestly, it’s almost as bad as my problem with ordering makeup all the time. If there’s any books you’d recommend for me to read, insert it in the comments below!

Au Revoir!

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