Guess Whose back?

Back again? Lol, my little sisters friends was over and she’s really into Eminem, I mean like, really. Anyways, I’m back! Where have I been ? Finals, finals and oh wait, finals. It totally paid off because I got one of the best reports for school i’ve gotten since I came to school but I missed blogging! I’m so happy to be back!

I’m constantly going through these phase’s where I’m not sure if I want to continue doing this but writing means so much to me, I honestly can’t imagine not doing it. I don’t know what it is that makes me stop writing. Sometimes it’s school or other responsibilities but most of the time, it’s just me. I wonder if it’s just a part of growing up. Honestly, I’m always second guessing myself and trying to figure out if I’m making the right choices. I always come back to writing though. I can’t remember who said this but theres a quote and it goes something like, if you can’t leave something alone, it’s most likely meant to be. I’m almost positive it’s supposed to be about relationships but I’m going to use it towards my career choices!

I’m going to be adding a more personal aspect to the blog. I feel like it’s some of my stronger writing and some of it’s funny, or at least I think so. I hope everyone had a good semester, I was really tired after this semester, like exhausted. I got straight A’s though sooo I guess it paid off! I hope you have a lovely Wednesday and here’s to a fun summer!

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