Inspiration: Lauren Conrad

If you’re anything like me, the first reality show you became invested in was The Hills. I absolutely loved watching the hills.I started watching The Hills originally because a friend of mine at the time told me that the women on the show went to FIDM and she thought it was something I’d be interested in. If you’ve seen the show,you know that after like a season it becomes completely about all the drama between the cast mates. My friends and I would watch that show religiously. If I hear Natasha Bedingfields song unwritten today, it’s like be transported back into another time.

lauren_conrad_weddingLauren Conrad was the main focus of the show until the middle of the fifth season but she stayed in the spotlight so to speak through her business endeavors, which is why she is one of the people that inspire me. Lauren Conrad is only thirty years old and has accomplished everything I aspire to and then some. She’s had multiple fashion lines, has published nine books, the ninth one, Celebrate comes out on March 29th and runs a successful lifestyle blog, just to name a few of her accomplishments.

Not only does she have an amazing entrepreneurial spirit, she’s also involved in making the world a better place through her businesses. The little market is an online store that specializes in fair trade goods.If you don’t know what fair trade goods are, fair trade goods are sold in a way that benefits the producers of products in developing countries and promote economic sustainability.

Author, designer, lifestyle guru, Lauren Conrad has been an inspiration for myself and many other young women for at least a decade.She not only inspires you to be a better business woman but a better person. Which sounds weird because she is so young. She’s the kind of reality star we need more of today.

Tell me who inspires you and why in the comments below!

Au Revoir!

Pssss. Happy Monday! It’s pouring down rain where I live, which is weirder then it sounds because it rarely ever rains in Southern California. I’m happy though because I love the rain! I hope you have a wonderful day, despite the rain! I’ll be back again this week with my first installment in Closet Classics.

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