Must Watch List: The Future of Fashion

If you’re like me and love fashion, you’ve probably seen a fair amount of fashion documentaries. You’ve probably seen some of them multiple times, I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen the September Issue. I just love fashion documentaries. I love hearing how people like Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and Diana Vreeland became who they are.

Being that it’s not an industry that many people take seriously, it can be hard to find documentaries that aren’t only demonizing it. Not that those documentaries shouldn’t be watched.I believe that it’s important to educate yourself as much as possible on all aspects of an industry, especially one you want to go into. I was in the middle of one of these searches when I got distracted reading articles from Man Repeller and Vogue that came up on my twitter feed.

I’m happy I did because British Vogue, I follow various Vogue accounts because they all post different things and I want to take in as much information as possible, tweeted a link to the 1-hour version of Alexa Chungs docu-series, The Future of Fashion. I’ve known who Alexa Chung is for a couple of years but I don’t know much about her outside of her being a model, author of It, and a contributor to British Vogue. I clicked on the link because of the title and I don’t regret it.

Although the interviews are mostly conducted outside of the United States, I think it’s an amazing documentary for everyone to watch, even those who aren’t that interested in fashion.In the first series, she just posted out the first two videos of series two special focused on British Vogue, she covers various topics within the fashion industry from different jobs, to feminism, diversity and Body image. She also has interviews with designers like Molly Goddard and Olivier Rousteing, just to name a few.

The documentary or docu-series offers so much information and advice for anyone who wants to be apart of the fashion industry, as I do. As well as insight into the truth about the bad reputations that plague the community.

Below I’ve put a quote that really stood out to me while I was watching The Future of Fashion. It’s a very eloquent way of stating what I’ve been trying to verbalize since I was sixteen. I’ve seen almost all of the docu-series and I absolutely love it. I hope you all do too!

Au Revoir!

Pssss. I linked the full 1-hour documentary version in the second paragraph.

“Fashion has a reputation for being like, shallow, and all about image, and duh duh duh, but actually when you get to it, the reason that people are interested in it – the reason people have jobs within this industry is because it is emotional for everyone. it’s about identity, it’s about how you feel, it’s about creating a persona.”- Alexa Chung


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