Addiction: HauteLook

I’m addicted to Hautelook and I’m not ashamed at all. For those of you who don’t know what Hautelook is, it’s a deal website owned by Nordstrom. Every day, Hautelook puts up select products from high end brands for at least 50% off. They have a Women’s, Mens, Children’s, Home and my personal favorite section, Beauty. I’m a shoe and make-up junkie. They are my favorite things in the world to buy so when I find a site that can give me high quality items for a bank account friendly price, I jump on it.

Hautelook is a members only site, so in order to order something from them, you do have to create an account but it is free. Everyday, the offer a new deal on a new brand. This week, I’m most excited to see what they have for the Ted Baker event,it goes live Tuesday at 8am pacific time. I absolutely adore his brand but it can be very pricey and I’m in college. Each event has it’s own start time and an expiration date. You can only keep an item in your cart for fifteen minutes before your hold on it expires. The items you’ve purchased will be received, two to three weeks after the event ends.

The only complaints I would have about Hautelook would be how long it takes you to get your products but I can’t really complain because it is such a good deal! Honestly! I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of money I’ve saved since signing up for Hautelook. I have very sensitive skin and I’m always walking somewhere so good shoes and high quality, high quality doesn’t always mean expensive, make up are essential for me.

The reason I love shopping on Hautelook is because it offers such high quality items for college friendly prices. As a college student, I can’t always afford nicer things. It’s just not in the budget. Hautelook is the best of both worlds. I’ve only bought beauty items from Hautelook, Morphe Brushes that I absolutely love, and an eyeshadow palette, also from Morphe. I do plan on buying more then from Hautelook and I hope you do too! Whether it be clothing, shoes, home decor or makeup.

Au Revoir!

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