Inspiration: Man Repeller

For those of you who haven’t read the genius that is Man Repeller, I highly suggest you do.It’s one of the many blogs I follow about fashion and is probably one of my favorites. Man Repeller is a comedic take on the fashion industry and it’s pure genius.

I first began reading Man Repeller a couple of months ago because of a video I saw on their Youtube channel. It was an interview with Stacey London, another amazing women in fashion that I look up to, in a series called the chatroom.I came across the video when I was looking up advice for aspiring stylist or something to that nature. The interview/sit down talk was so good that I started watching all of the other chatroom videos. They’re all amazing and I highly recommend them for anyone, after I’d seen all of them, I just followed the links and ended up reading her blog and listening to her podcast, Monocylce and Oh Boy.

The reason I like  Man Repeller so much is because it’s fashion but it’s not so serious. Not that fashion isn’t a serious business, because I think it is and it bothers me when people act as if its just a frivolous hobby. It’s just not as intense. I’ve haven’t missed a Vogue magazine since I was sixteen years old and although it is my favorite magazine ever, I would be lost without it. Man Repeller is a lighter approach to the fashion industry and it doesn’t just cover fashion. Man Repeller covers everything from culture to beauty, they even talked about race with Ashley C. Ford, who is must twitter follow, about race.

Man Repeller is the fashion blog I wish was around when I was younger and I’m happy is around now. If you can’t get enough of the genius that is Lenadra Medine’s Man Repeller blog, you can always read her book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls, which is on my books to read list for 2016.

Au Revior!


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