Happy Friday!

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It is Friday and officially the last day of the fall semester! I haven’t been blogging lately because finals and all the ‘fun’ stuff. I’ve gotten tons of stuff in the last few weeks, because if I’m being completely honest with myself,I’m a stress shopper. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about tons of things. From my favorite red lipsticks, to a book review and things I’ve learned about myself,life and school this past semester.

I’ve also made some huge, well maybe not huge in retrospect to everything thats going on in the world but for me and this blog, huge decisions on the direction I’m taking it. On the first of the year, I will be purchasing my domain name so you can find me at redlipsandcurvedhips.com!

I’m also debating on starting a youtube channel! I have some friends who youtube and it seems like something really fun but also time consuming. The reason I’m debating it is because I want to be able to put the necessary amount of time and effort into the channel. I don’t really devote the time I would like to into the blog but I’ve hopefully set up my school and work schedule correctly for the upcoming year so I can.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and is doing well or did well on their finals!

Au Revoir!

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