Style Inspiration

I have a very, I wouldn’t say unique style but what my mother likes to call slightly eccentric style. Different enough so I stand out but not so different that people give me weird looks when I’m walking down the street. Which wasn’t my goal but it just kind of seemed to happen.  The one question my friends ask about my clothes the most is where I get my style inspiration from. I always say things like tumblr or Pinterest which isn’t a lie but it’s not exactly the truth. Most of my style inspiration comes from the past.

5d71d1064eadf52c6f14b811b2d191e3A fair amount, if not all, of my style inspiration comes from Dita Von Teese. Dita Von Teese in my opinion is the queen of glamour.When you see pictures of her, it’s almost like looking at the photos of Old Hollywood film stars. Which was one of the reasons, I originally became interested in her.

I absolutely adore old Hollywood and I get a lot of my style inspiration from. I love Old Hollywood actresses, Elizabeth Taylor is one of my favorites, and the glamour that they exude. I love the hair, the make-up and the fashion. I love all of the lace and satin. There’s something about it that I can’t really describe but it just makes me happy. I think it’s so beautiful. I love it.

b892a1f5e5451e2525556244c2e5a713I like Dita Von Teese because she’s embodies Old Hollywood Glamour but she does it in a way that is attainable, which is something she says all the time. When I first began dressing in a vintage way, it was hard because I lot of the outfits I found seemed  gimmicky, which I can’t stand. After looking at the way she dresses, I was able to pull out pieces, so I still give out a vintage vibe without feeling as if I was dressed for Halloween.

I don’t dress as vintage as I would like too any more because the pieces are harder to find but I like to think, I find ways to incorporate my vintage inspiration in small ways. I buy shoes that may not be vintage but look like the would be made in a certain time period. I always wear lipstick, mostly red and always wear winged eye liner. My jewelry is reminiscent of another area, as are the rest of my accessorize.

I love all things Old Hollywood and I guess anything from the forties to the sixties inspires me. Tell me who inspires your style in the comments below!

Au Revoir!

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