BP. Trolley Boot Review

I bought the BP. trolley boots from Nordstrom!If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I wrote about them in a previous blog post and they are amazing. I had been putting off buying them for a while because I felt that it wasn’t cold enough to get them yet but the weather dropped recently, not a lot but a lot for California. I still kept putting it off but one day after school, I was at the mall, feeding into my lush addiction, and the shoes were just calling to me. So I bought them and they are amazing.

_8214513I’ve had them for a couple of weeks now and I’m loving every minute of it. I did buy them half a size up because, as it says on their website, they do run about half a size too small.I bought them in the black leather and these boots literally look good with everything.I wear them with dresses, skirts and leggings, I’m not really a jean girl. The heel is high enough to give me some much-needed height but not so high that I can’t wear them up the millions of stairs at school.

Since the boots are real leather, I got them stretched and taps put on them so I won’t wear the heel down over time as I wear them. I don’t know where I got them stretched or the taps put on them. My mom gave them to my dad, who took them to get all fixed up at a local store but I know they stretch shoes for you at Nordstroms if you ask, not sure about the taps though.

If you’re looking for a cute bootie for the fall/winter season, or just like to buy shoes like me, I highly recommend the BP Trolley bootie! It’s only 99 dollars and comes out to around 107 with taxes! If you get them,  tell me how you feel about. If you have another pair of boots that you think I should buy, tell me about those! I’m always looking for a good shoe!

Au Revoir!

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