Fall Clothing Wish List:Dresses

I wasn’t going to write a fall clothing wish list because I normally don’t buy clothing for fall. The weather usually doesn’t change that much in California but recently it’s been raining a lot more and we’ve gotten fall like weather! I’m super excited but was a little confused the first day it happened because I didn’t have the clothing to match the weather. I wasn’t to upset because it just gave me a reason to go shopping, not that I really need a reason.

I don’t want this to be a super long blog post so I’m going to post what I want in sections.This one will be about dresses. I’ll probably be the longest because I’m not much of a pants girl. I wear dresses pretty much year round.No matter what the weather or the occasion, there’s a 99.9% chance I’m wearing a dress or a skirt.

The first dress on my wish list, and I already bought this one, is the Maya Lazer cut hem dress from Boohoo.com. pzz96956_msI haven’t purchased from Boohoo before but one my favorite youtubers recently spoke about the website in an upload and I just had to try out some of their stuff. It’s a shift dress and I’ve been wanting to buy one forever but just never got around to actually getting one. The dress is maroon, a signature fall color, with a scalloped bottom and a cute lazer cute out at the bottom. I’ll probably pair this with the B.P. Trolley boots, which I bought, and a thin pair of tights.

pzz98291_black_xlThe next dress, is also from Boohoo, I bought it the same time I bought the previous dress. It’s called the Heidi Textured Skater Dress. It’s a three fourths quarter sleeve white dress with a ribbed pattern. I’ll pair this with a pair of knee-high chocolate-brown boots and opaque black tights. The dress also comes in black.

modcloth-black-luck-be-a-lady-dress-in-black-product-1-16783459-4-400071886-normal_large_flexThe last dress in my list is from Modcloth, which is one of my all time favorite online retailers. It’s the Luck Be a Lady dress in black. I love this dress because not only is it named after one of my favorite Frank Sinatra songs but it’s a perfect transitioning dress. You can wear it to work or school or even on a date with the right accessories. The dress comes with a thin black belt with a gold crown charm. I honestly won’t use the belt. I’ll pair it with a jean jacket, boots, and a plaid or leopard print scarf.

As always, I’ve including the links to the items I’ve written about in the paragraphs above and I’m also going to leave a link to my Pinterest board that’s devoted to Fall!

Au Revoir!

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