Fall Nail Polish Go To

I really wanted to do a fall look book but I realized I don’t really have any fall clothing because up until recently, I had never experienced fall weather. It’s usually hot or cold in California. So I decided to write about nail polish because it’s also one of my favorite things in the world.IMG_2907

I love nail polish because like make up and fashion,it’s a way to express yourself. Although nail polish is a little different because it’s one of the few ways I can express who I am when I’m in my work uniform or somewhere I can’t wear certain clothing or makeup. My favorite shade of nail polish is red. I love red nail polish so much, I have like 10-15 different shades. So of course, my first go to fall nail polish, is a shade of red.

151837My favorite brand of nail polish has to be Essie. I love Essie because they have so many different shades. No matter what the occasion, I guarantee that Essie has a shade. My first go to fall nail color is Bordeaux. Bordeaux is described as a deep wine red. I love this shade because it’s dark but not too dark and it reminds me of Old Hollywood.


My second go to polish,is also by Essie. I just picked this one up a couple of days a go but it’s a beautiful shade. I first thought it was a grey-ish brown color with flecks of gold and it’s just beautiful. The color is called Frock N’ Roll. I normally stick to reds but I’ve been trying to branch out of my comfort zone and I love this color.

The last go to shade isn’t by Essie but the brand Fingerpaints. I couldn’t find a link to it but I know I bought it at Sally’s Beauty Supplies. It’s just gold glitter. In order to get the solid effect that I like, I usually use a neutral or a white base before I put on the gold and I go over it twice. I love the gold glitter because I strongly believe in adding a little glitter to everything you do!

As always, I’ve linked everything I could find in the sentences above! Let me know if yu have any other nail polishes I should try!

Au Revoir!

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