Fall Shoe Wishlist

The only thing I love more than shopping in general, is shoe shopping. I am addicted to buying shoes.  I’ve always had an obsession with shoes but after I started watching Sex and The City when I was in High School, I feel like it just became worse. I would buy shoes so often that my mother gave me a shoe limit when I was in high school. Now I’m an adult and she can’t really tell me how to spend my money but I do try to limit myself to buying new shoes for new seasons only.

Seeing as the weather is about to change, not drastically because I live in Southern California but it will be cool enough to wear boots soon and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been looking all over the internet trying to narrow it down to TWO pairs of boots but because I just couldn’t decide, I narrowed it down to three paris of boots that I’d love to have for this upcoming fall/winter season.

The first pair of boots come from Nordstroms. These are the B.P. ‘Trolley’ Ankle Bootie. They come in seven different colors but these are _8214513the black leather ones. I usually only buy brown boots, because I used to wear a lot of  light colors and a black boot just seemed to wash the outfit out to me. I’ve been migrating towards darker colors so I want to go for a darker boot. The heel is only 3 inches, which is perfect because it’s high enough to give you some height but not so high that it’s not wearable for long terms.These retail for 99.95,which, depending on your budget can be a little pricey. I plan on purchasing them because it’s always better to invest in a good shoe that you can wear for various seasons.

The next pair of boots that I am dying to buy are the Chocolate ‘Tally’ riding boot from Dorothy Perkins.22248053_4_large As I said before, I love light colors and even though I’m wearing darker colors now, I still have quite a bit of light clothing. These boots aren’t leather but they do look like they are. They go straight to the knee. They have elastic on the side so they will comfortably for those of us who have bigger a calf. These’s shoe normally retail for 79.00 but are on SALE right now for 69.00.They don’t have as much or anything I would really call a heel. If you’re not into heels, these are the perfect boots for you. They come in tan.
The last boot that I must have in my closet this season are also from Dorothy Perkins. T22313701_2_largehese are the Black ‘Lyndsey’ heeled bootie. Unlike the previous two, these boots are suede. I love suede boots for the most part but the only negative thing is that they are so hard to clean without the color fading. These boots caught my attention because the trim of the boot heel is gold! I love adding a little gold to an outfit to make it pop a little more. These boots also have a heel but it’s not very high so they are still wearable. These’s book retail for 69.00  but are also on sale for 59.00! They come in Navy sued, Tan leather and black suede with a leather back.

I’ve linked where to buy the boots on the name! When I purchase them, I will write a review on sizing and comfortably! If you’ve got any boots that you think I should look at, link them in the comments!

Au Revoir!

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