Back to School


This past week I went back to school and like always it’s an adjustment. I spent most of the summer working and trying to figure out what career I wanted to focus on. Now that schools back in, I’m going to start working on achieving that goal, starting with bringing up my GPA.Over the past couple of years I’ve tried different things to keep myself organized because for me personally, as soon as I get unorganized, my grades drop. For those of you that are like me and need to stay organized, ย I’ve got a few tips for going back to school whether you’re in college or high school that I’ve listed below.

  1. Keep a Planner

I know this sounds obvious but it is beyond important to keep a planner. I have two, an app that’s on my computer and a physical planner. I have two because I don’t always carry my computer with me but I always carry my physical planner with me. Plus, ย the more you write something down, the less likely you are to forget it. Every Sunday evening,I check my professors syllabus and fill in my online planner. Then I fill out the physical planner after each class just in case, there is a change to the syllabus which often happens.

I got my physical planner from I have one that’s pastel pink and says I’m Very Busy in rose gold foil. I love it because it’s small and doesn’t take up that much space in my school bag. They do have a larger one if that’s something you prefer that. I’ll link them below. The online planner app I use is the

MyHomework app that I got through the apple store. It lets you fill in all your class times as well as teachers and rooms. It’s like a scheduler and a planner in one.The app is also available through google play.

2.Do the assigned reading when it’s assigned.

Take it from someone who is pretty much the princess of the procrastination. You DO NOT want to stay up all night reading a book. It’s much easier to do the reading when its assigned. Netflix will be there when you’re done. I promise.

3. Go to class and take Notes

This is more of a tip for college kids then high school kids but PLEASE go to class. I know it’s hard,especially for first year students but go to class. It is very hard to pass a class if you don’t go. I know you want to hang out and explore your new-found freedom because you don’t live with your parents anymore but go to class. The ones that seem the easiest to pass are also the easiest to fail because people tend to put them on the back burner. Take notes while you’re there! You will need them to study late. You can’t get back in college by just going to class like you can in High School but it won’t work in college.

4. Never buy textbooks from the bookstore

Unless it’s one of those books that are only sold through the bookstore. Buy or rent it from an online source. I always get mine from Chegg or Amazon.Books from the bookstore are always crazy overpriced and the lines go on forever. It’s just an unnecessary hassle. Avoid it at all cost if you can.

Those are my top tips to help academically in school! Below I’ve linked a couple of helpful sites like Chegg and other places to get planners! I hope everyone is having a great time going back to school and aren’t stressed out so soon.

Au Revoir!


Ban.Do Agenda

Kate Spade

MyHomework App- Apple

MyHomework App-GoogleMy Study Life




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