My latest addiction:Youtube

I don’t know why but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending an unhealthy amount of time on Youtube. I love Youtube because there is something for everyone on the website.It doesn’t matter what you’re into, makeup, fashion, cooking or even video games.My favorite Youtubers to watch are Becca Rose, Rachel Whitehurst, Patricia Bright and Shirley B. Eniang. I think they’re all a little bit similar, content wise but it’s their personalities that make the videos so addicting.

I love Becca Rose because she’s just so much fun! I love her color scheme and style. I like a lot of the things she likes and I do get a lot of inspiration from her channel. I think her obsession with her puppy, Rupert, is adorable. She’s so happy all the time and it always brightens up my day.

Rachel Whitehurst is one of the first Youtubers I really began following. I found out about her through a friend of mine. She sent my a video of her covering one of my favorite songs, Youth by Daughter and it was amazing. She also sent me a rant video from her with the caption, us everyday in class. It’s from four years ago and it’s about annoying people in class. It was so funny because she was just so honest, I instantly loved her. She also has super good reviews of new products as well as advice on how to deal with mental health and personal issues.

Patricia Bright has more of a fashion lifestyle blog. She gives really good advice on growing up and how to adjust to adult hood. Not just being an adult but how to get through being a teenager because it’s tough at times. I got into her videos because of her style hauls! I love her sense of fashion. I may not dress similarly to her but I really admire her style.

Shirley B. Eniang has her life together and watching her videos makes me feel like I have my life together and inspires me to do better. I love her makeup tutorials and her look books! She gives amazing career advice as well as life advice. She’s like the friend who always knows exactly the right thing to say.

I know there a TONS of amazing Youtubers on youtube but these are just a couple of my favorites and I’ll include links to their channels below!

Au Revoir!

Becca Rose

Rachel Whitehurst

Patricia Bright

Shirley B. Eniang

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