Life Update

I haven’t posted on this blog in a while. I don’t know why because I’ve been writing every day. I just didn’t feel I had anything worth while to say. Especially after my last post,which is probably one of the worst blog post I’ve ever written.I decided to try to figure out exactly how I wanted this blog to go.

I really wanted this blog to be like all of the bloggers I follow. I wanted to post about my favorite movies,books, ย the latest fashion trends and I will undoubtedly do that but I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot separate my personal life from my writing. It’s literally impossible for me. I mean, I can do it but I never feel like those pieces for writing are a good as the ones where I insert myself.After fighting with myself about whether I should write pieces I feel are mediocre but would interest more people, or entries that may not interest many but are well written, I chose the latter. I’d rather put out pieces that have what I feel is a soul to it then fluff pieces.ย 

So this blog, will be updated more frequently now, I promise but it won’t be post like the one before this. It’ll be more of an online journal,that anyone who happens to stubble across it on the internet can read.

Au Revoir

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